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  • Goods Type£ºby case
  • Material£ºby wood
  • Locating£ºby area
  • Goods Type£ºFMCG
  • Material£ºby steel shelf
  • Locating£º72
  • Goods Type£ºsmall parts
  • Material£ºby steel
  • Locating£º5*7
  • Goods Type£ºby pallet
  • Material£ºby shelf
  • Locating£º4-5layers
  • various cooperation with the FMCG industry
  • rich experience in warehousing services
  • professional planning team
  • reasonable scientific planning by the actual warehouse structure
  • The maximized utilzation of the warehouse,The highest operation efficiency,regional layout standardization
  • security prevention
Appliance Brand Of A World TOP 500

Main Product£º
¡ª Personal Care Home Care Range of Services£º
¡ª Main Warehouse : Part RDC of the Whole Country Route Transport ¡ª Delivery To All Agents, Distributors , Supermarkets
Customer Base£º
¡ª Agents
¡ª Distributors
¡ª Supermarkets

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HurryTop provided 365 days a year of service, from the factory to the national RDC, agents, distributors, supermarkets and other multi-level logistics and delivery services for those world's top 500 daily chemicals projects. No matter the car delivery, in-transit status tracking, arrival time or signing for receipt all have reached high standards and high requirements of clients

HurryTop also provide nationwide warehousing, door to door transportation, distribution according to customer 's demand for value-added services for many world top 500 enterprises .