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Hypothermia refrigeration
Offering short split and regional distribution of highway transportation

Ò»¡¢Refrigerated trunks series

•    Applying to professional highway transportation of
     refrigerated goods
•    Keeping clean and disinfecting anytime
•    Keeping temperature between -30¡æ to 15 ¡æ
•    Choosing distribution ways with full consideration of temperature and quantities of goods

¶þ¡¢Rechargeable incubators series

•    Applying to short split distribution only in a city
•    Safe , sealed
•    Keeping fixed temperature all the time
•    The incubator has cooling function which could adjust
     temperature according to what kind of goods by electric
     cooling or using refrigerant
•    Choosing distribution ways by full consideration of goods' size ,quantities ,temperature request and      distribution locations.

Èý¡¢Motorcycle ,storage battery series

•    1.Applying only in the city
•    Keeping constant temperature all the time by using electric
     incubators or refrigerants.
•    Choosing distribution ways by full considerations of goods'
     size , road condition(no traffic jam, high efficiency), area
     limit(small villages) which truly be convenient and efficient.